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Description Customization Shipping Product Description This custom, handmade and hand-molded leather fox mask is sure to awaken the fae magic within you. Featuring thick leather and a durable, adjustable leather strap, this costume piece is perfect for LARP, SCA, Halloween, Renaissance Faires, festivals, or even pagan rituals. Mythic Beasts This Collection of handmade leather masks & headdresses is inspired by the creatures and animals of ancient mythology. Each unique design is completely my ow

New costume reference- leather/maille/armor

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Metal, Pink, Belts, Filigree, Band, Shape, Custom, Color
Corset Belts and Swiss Waists
a mannequin wearing a green and brown sweater with buttons on it's shoulders
Early Fall and a Finished Object!
Clothes, Long Sleeve Peasant Top, Peasant Blouse, Renaissance Shirt, Costume Shirts, Gothic Blouse, Steampunk Skirt, Victorian Costume, Off Shoulder Shirt
Womens Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Tops Renaissance Pirate Shirt Gothic Peasant Blouse Summer Smocked Boho Top
the front and back view of a woman's pants with an asymmetrical skirt
49 Stylish Sewing Patterns for Women’s Pants (12 FREE PDF’s)
an open book with instructions on how to tie a knot
four pieces of leather sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chain mail bag
Making Lagertha's Leather / Chainmail Armor
three leather armors with fur collars and cuffs on display in front of a grungy background
Celtic Female Armor set - WIP by Deakath on DeviantArt