could make this in fun foam, which would be easy, personally, she's just too dang cute, period!

ideas-para-decoracion-con-monos-de-nieve-de-fieltro (38)

Ideas para Decoracion con Monos de Nieve de Fieltro

Santa Claus Toilets - What is wrong with people? Why oh why would you want to dress up your toilet at Christmas? I hate it, even on an ironic level. Everything about hav.

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Okay, this is one of my absolute favorites and anyone that comes into my house feels the same way. He's hanging along the side of the door frame.

Pasitos de Colores: NAVIDAD

Pasitos de Colores: NAVIDAD

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from the little picture hymn book Cicely Mary Barker. a more accurate drawing of the visit of the wise men, in the 'house' of the 'young child'