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the stairs lead up to the second floor
Brookline Brownstone Renovation - Traditional - Staircase - Boston - by Dirsa Construction | Houzz
hidden room door
the floor plan for a two bedroom, one bath apartment with an attached bathroom and living room
several pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other — Home of the H2 Homer Helper
an electrical panel is shown with wires attached to the wall and on the ground in front of it
Family member's brand new panel. Is this how good all new construction looks or did they just have a really good contractor?
pipes and water heater in an unfinished room
Plumbing Work done right - Awesome
the inside of a house under construction with wooden framing and wires running through it's walls — Home of the H2 Homer Helper
a green bag sitting on top of a wooden bench
8 things I am glad we did before we started building our house