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The World’s Most Adorable Kitchen

The World's Most Adorable Kitchen - Nesting Place

It brings me great joy to introduce our new little kitchen. Do you remember where we started eighteen months ago? Brace yourself, hide the children…. This is a 400 square foot room, with a bathroom, that’s attached to the back of our barn. In its past life it was a very dude-ly office for the […]

all about painting furniture, remember this one

How to Paint Furniture Like a Real Pro - Nesting Place

This painted hutch and table were featured in Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine. Yee haw! I painted them myself! If you are a regular around here you know I’m always forthcoming with step by step instructions with how I do a project. Usually that involves some hot glue and a high heeled […]

Basement Plans + Draped Doors with @MarvinWindows

Basement Plans + Draped Doors - Nesting Place

door // sofa // canvas // canvas Yesterday I shared some photos of our depressing, falling apart basement. And how I still have hope for it. Today I want to share some ideas that I’ve dreamed up so far. I started with Pinterest–creating a board of what seemed to feel right for our basement. […]

How to Decorate An Event With Flowers Without Spending A Million Dollars on Something That Dies in Four Days

How to Decorate An Event With Flowers Without Spending A Million Dollars on Something That Dies in Four Days - Nesting Place

The only new things I purchased for the most recent Barn Event were flowers and plants. These are all pretend flowers, I’m under no illusions that I’m fooling anyone. But, I do have some secret weapons when it comes to adding flowers to a gathering or event… For years I’ve avoided pretend flowers. Normally, if […]

A Public Service Announcement on Behalf TVs Everywhere

A Public Service Announcement on Behalf TVs Everywhere - Nesting Place

So you want your husband to have that wonderful, big TV, really, you are okay with it, it’s fun to watch movies on a bigger TV and you want him to be happy. So he gets his TV and hangs it really high on the wall where it’s not close to anything else–no furniture to […]

Decorate with mixed up chairs and other small projects to change the feel of a room in only one hour. www.thenester.com

How Anyone Can Change Up A Room in One Hour - Nesting Place

Here’s a little glimpse of the current state of our family room/dining room area, brought to you buy harsh, yet interesting late afternoon light. I was ready for a change and a little dash of color mixed in with all this neutral and I knew I had a few touches of blue that I could […]

Cubes $15, Wal-Mart www.thenester.com

Cubes - Nesting Place

Popping in real quick to show you the latest members of the family room team. We don’t live super close a Wal-Mart but the other day I happened to be in another town and ran in and lo and behold, they had these simple little slipcovered ottoman/foot stool things–what are these cubes called? They have […]