Ken Marten's Xmas Display


Even though this was designed as a Christmas decoration, with a little rework it could be used as a Halloween decoration. Just change the lanterns to Witch's Jars and paint everything darker colors. Or a wedding decoration

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The Christmas Belen - a holiday tradition on Guam with depictions of the Nativity scene in various models of figurines. In this set, the Fontanini by Roman is displayed with real moss and rocks.

La Tienda en el Pesebre. Liliana Castillo

Not provençal, but a charming gypsy scene - La Tienda en el Pesebre.

Display Idea - Fontanini Nativity

Display Idea - Fontanini Nativity pieces by Roman I have been a collector for 33 years. Water scene using hot glue and colored paper on stacked boxes.

Pesebre en el belén de la Basílica de Santa María #Elche #navidad #visitelche

Pesebre en el belén de la Basílica de Santa María #Elche #navidad #visitelche