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the text on this page reads,'okay guys listen up so there's this website called
50 Times People Called Out Blatantly Sexist Things That Are Still Prevalent In Society (New Pics)
a poster with words that say no to college and there is an image of money in the background
15 No Essay Scholarships Worth $50,000+ | TUN
the screen is showing how to schedule for an upcoming event, and where it's going
40 ‘Totally True Stories’ That 100% Happened In Real Life
the screen shows how to score better grade
Tips on how to score better grades
an article with the words types of study breaks for every situation
College Study Smarts - Strategies & Tips to Succeed in School
an iphone screen with the text study schedule on it, and two different times to go
Study schedule 📑🧫📚
the dark academy study techniques page
Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Parenting
a flyer for a 5 - hour weekend study schedule
50 Times People Saw Someone Acting So Stupid, They Just Had To Share
Make Your Day
a diagram showing how to use the fynman technique
Feynman's Hack and the Map of the Cat - Safal Niveshak
Teaching isn’t just a way to communicate ideas. The act of teaching generates new ideas in the mind of the teacher. Teaching is thinking. Teaching is learning.
school tips
two tweets on twitter with the same caption for each student's experience
50 Incredibly Dark ‘Cursed Comments’ That May Leave You Laughing Or Staring Wide-Eyed