Braided Bun - this one is so easy it's Braiding 101.  Good thing about this one, if it's messy or the braiding is a mixture of tight and loose, it still looks good.

Braid on the sides/Braided bun- a fun hair style for a special event, party or holiday! The Braided Bun hair tutorial!

Step-by-step tutorial on the ponytail Lucy Hale wore to the 2014 VMA's! #hairstyle


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How to Make Your Lipstick Last

Summer-Proof Makeup: How to Make Your Lipstick Last

Summer-Proof Makeup: How To Make Your Lipstick Last Click the website to see how I lost 21 pounds in one month with free trials

Cool lip trick

Make-up Trick: Fuller Lips! Looks crazy at first but once finished looks great. Awesome idea esp for us girls with thin lips! Love the nude lip look too

Set your makeup without caking it!


Makeup Tip: Setting your makeup without caking using powder puff I use a powder puff and yes, it really works better !

Keep your lips moisturized for your wedding day with this super helpful DIY trick. #weddingmakeup

Fix dry, cracked lips using a mascara wand and lip balm. Gotta remember to grab a disposable mascara wand at a makeup counter.

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