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Fontanini Town Wishing Well

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Fontanini PRODUCE SHOP 5" Nativity Building (55554)

5 Inch Scale Produce Shop by Fontanini


Christmas Central offers Christmas Nativity Pieces including Lighted Nativity Figures, Outdoor Nativity, Fontanini Pieces, Stables, & more!


Bread Stand for the Fontanini Scale

On my wish list!  Fontanini Nativity Resin / PVC Wall Fountain With Water Pump

Inch Fontanini Wall Fountain with Water Pump 54611

Artesanías "Luis": EL PUENTE DE LA ALDEA

Artesanías "Luis": EL PUENTE DE LA ALDEA


casitas - no tutorial, not for sale at this link - just inspiration: what kind of clay would make these best? use slab technique? coat with dry powdered form of clay or etc. before painting?

get-attachment.asp 1.024×1.370 píxeles

get-attachment.asp 1.024×1.370 píxeles

Escena de Belén

Escena de Belén