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the diagram shows what we sometimes walk in circles
Why we sometimes walk in circles
a stack of papers with the caption how would you feel if your actions here on the front page?
Sketchplanations - A weekly explanation in a sketch
Self Confidence, Illustrators, Quotes, Life Quotes, Maya, Life Lessons, Motivation, Self Improvement, Self Improvement Tips
My 29 Honest Charts About Everyday Life You Might Relate To
two cartoon images with different stages of boss's and leader's roles on them
Push authority to information
the first draft is always perfect
The first draft is always perfect
The magic of a first draft is that the first draft is always perfect. It doesn't matter if it's rubbish, if it's messy, if it doesn't flow, if it lacks personality or it won't work. The job of a first draft is to be a draft and get the process started. So however it turns out the first draft has done its job perfectly.
a drawing of a hand held device with instructions on how to use it and what to do
Forcing function — design
an image of different types of people with words written on them and in the middle
Features Are Like Pets
a diagram that shows how to use the pramd pringle for communication
The Pyramid Principle
The Pyramid Principle - Sketchplanations
the five kinds of questions are shown in this diagram
a comic strip with three people talking to each other and the text don't fill the
Don't fill the silence
It's easy to want to fill an awkward silence. Often, however, a pause in conversation is time people need to think. When conducting research, and maybe just in normal conversations, try to trust the questions that you ask and avoid filling the silence after asking a question.
a cartoon drawing of a man looking at something on the wall that says, simply explainied
Simply Explained — Geek&Poke
a diagram with many different types of people
Why Change Fails: Four Ways To Hack Your Culture
All over the the world our organisations are experiencing profound change. The most common way to react to that is the corporate change programme. Every year businesses will embark on a series of r...