nathys rock

nathys rock

bogotaaa / Nathys!!! la loka fan de hora de aventura............y la loka fan de sus actores de dobleje... :9 hahha :3
nathys rock
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Jeff The Killer chibi <3

I finally added in my signature ^^ I free drew Jeff the killer for fun! It only took me like 15 to 20 mintues to get done so I hope you guys like it XD . Chibi Jeff the killer :)

Jeff The Killer♥

This is the finished Jeff the Killer peice. In the speedpaint I had some shine on the pants that made it look like spandex or some shit. Jeff the Killer Fanart + Speedpaint

Jeff the killer♥

Jeff the killer: My friend told me about his story and I have to say though it is disturbing, its my favorite creepypasta tale