More ideas from Natalie
Lumiere for Vitani by on @deviantART

Dis is gift art for ~xxx-Vitani-xxx for all her awesome stuff she draws from the roleplays we do. I hope you like it, Vitani! I& actually reasonably proud of this one. I even shaded him a lit.

Athekyra by on @DeviantArt

Bust shot commission for of her character Athekyra. It's been ages since I've drawn a dragon. or at least it feels like it. A shame, really.

Hey! I rescanned drawing in higher resolution! If anyone is interested in prints and other stuff, you should check out my redbubble profile. I asked myself how Thaxll's species male should looked l...

Chock a block a box of dragon heads. Quick pen sketches, all done yesterday. Some are based on ideas I wanted to try, others are inspired by other artists, (there's a fell beast based on John Howe .