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the numbers are written in different languages
an image of a cell phone with different languages on the screen and numbers written in japanese
an image of the same number as two numbers and one is written in japanese language
a poster with instructions on how to use the same area for an object in chinese
the instructions for how to make a japanese book
an instagram photo of a bed and chair in a room with pictures on the wall
an article in the japanese language with pictures of plants and vases on top of bookshelves
an instagram page with japanese text and pictures
the japanese language text is displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be in english
the japanese language is displayed in this screenshot
three pieces of paper are taped to the side of a refrigerator with measuring tape on it
two hands on top of a sheet of paper with numbers and symbols written on it
夏休みの宿題対策! すすんでやる仕組みのポイントは、“見える化”と“新一年生の弟”でした - 片づけ収納ドットコム
a sheet of paper with japanese writing and pictures on the front, attached to a bulletin board