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DIY Fodder System for Animals (easy and economical!): Chickens Backyard, Backyard Farming, Backyard Aquaponics, Chicken Coops, Chicken Feed, Chicken Treats, Chicken Eggs, How To Raise Chickens, Keeping Chickens

DIY Fodder System for Animals

growing fodder (wheat grass) for animals. it also provide humans wonderful nutritional benefits when juiced, 2 fl oz a day!

Growing fodder for your homestead animals Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel Fodder System, Poultry Production, Growing Seedlings, Homestead House, Hydroponics, Seed Starting, Natural Resources, Coops, Wheat Grass

DIY Fodder System for Animals

How to Develop Fodder Systems to Feed Your Animals Cheaply in 6 Steps Sustainable Farming, Sustainable Living, Sustainability, Backyard Aquaponics, Hydroponic Farming, Backyard Farming, Aquaponics System, Chickens Backyard, Permaculture

How to Develop Fodder Systems to Feed Your Animals Cheaply in 6 Steps

Creating inexpensive fodder systems are simply easy, nutritious for your animals and very satisfying for homesteaders. We show you the ropes in 6 easy steps

best way to eat them- soak, [get rid of phytic acid] & sprout, eat or dehydrate & grind to flour Build Your Own, Grow Your Own Food, Homestead Survival, Survival Skills, Survival Kit, Wiccan, Pagan, Phytic Acid, Bean Sprouts

You can either build your own chicken coop from scratch or buy them in an assembly set from an online source. Some regional farming supply companies may even have them already put together for you.