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two people sitting on the ground with wristbands wrapped around their wrists and one holding a cell phone
a woman in a black dress sitting at a bar
a woman sitting on top of a metal grate covered in confetti pieces
Eras tour inspo pics
Girl, Giyim, Girl Outfits, Besties, Styl, Style, Persona
several people standing around with signs and confetti on the floor
a woman standing in front of a large crowd at a stadium holding her hands up to the sky
eras tour pic inspo
a crowd of people at a concert with confetti streamers in the air
louis core
a person holding up their wrist with the number 35 on it in front of an arena
Taylor Swift Eras Tour
Louis, Louis (one Direction), Louie
pov : i touched louis tomlinson
a person's hand with a ring on it in front of a crowd
a concert scene with lots of people in the audience and lights on stage behind them