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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! I'm rewatching inuyasha just to see this. I never noticed before!! Manga Anime, Anime Art, Pikachu, Inuyasha Memes, Inuyasha Funny, Kagome And Inuyasha, Pokemon Ash And Serena, Pokemon Ash And Misty, Pokemon Funny

You can’t buy fun but you can download it

Alright then the next time I babysit your kids, what should I show them? Bleach or Blue Exorcist?  Me:ouran highschool no hostclub Snoopy, Peanuts Comics, Fictional Characters, Art, Fireworks, Laughter, Kunst, Gcse Art, Fantasy Characters

Alright then the next time I babysit your kids, what should I show them? Fullmetal Alchemist or Blue Exorcist?

What?!? He was twelve? I thought he was younger during the flashbacks... Kousei Arima - Your Lie in April Otaku Anime, All Anime, Manga Anime, I Love Anime, Anime Stuff, Anime Life, Animes Manga, Anime Art, Anime Expo

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nah, I'd say this is the kind of anime I'd show them to prove my point. You've got the smash your problems at the roots, right? Otaku Anime, Anime Manga, Anime Art, Maou Sama, I Love Anime, All Anime, Anime Stuff, Umaru, Mirai Nikki Future Diary

That escalated quickly. <<< Everything in Future Diary escalated quickly. 09c0116ff97d2f79bf33d9453675b3e7 tumblr_on2q2iX8go1uhv4wco1_500.jpg Anime Life, Truth Quotes, Best Quotes, Life Quotes, Mau Humor, Sad Anime Quotes, Manga Quotes, Dark Quotes, Depression Quotes

HACHIMAN: "I prefer to distance myself whenever I'm in a bad mood because I'll become the most heartless person you'll ever meet"

I HATE THESE TEXT EDITS SO MUCH OH YM GOOOD Manga Quotes, Sad Anime Quotes, True Quotes, Best Quotes, Yandere Girl, Yandere Anime, Manga Anime, Sad Anime Girl, Anime Life

She is rude and is psychotic but no matter how hard I'm hit or emotionally beaten as well as physically I love her.

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Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya ~ Why would I apologize for being a monster? Had anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?

ROUGE YOU CAN INTERRUPT ANYTHING AND I WOULD BE SO HAPPY ABOUT IT YOU ADORABLE LITTLE MAN Beautiful Person, You're Beautiful, Aphmau Memes, Be Unique, Zane Aphmau, My Tumblr, Faith In Humanity, Kawaii Chan, Creepypasta

Is this Jeff the Killer or Rogue Cheney? He also looks kind of like Alzack Connell

It's your problem, you can't understand my language...                      -me Memes, Wattpad, Books, Funny, Art, Anime Stuff, Livros, Tired Funny, Kunst

It's your problem, you can't understand my language... -me

Natsu Dragneel Fairy tail Natsu Drawing, Fairy Tail Drawing, Anime Fairy Tail, Natsu Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Art, Fairy Tail Love, Fairy Tail Guild, Fairy Tail Ships, Fairy Art

Eternal Adventure: Photo

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