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Son of Skywalker

the light, though swallowed and drowned by shadows, will always overcome pervasive darkness, hold to that light and press forward - with friends, family, there is nothing that cannot be overcome. we are more than the physical crude matter that make us up. search. find. solve. protect. love.

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Chapter 5 - Message and a Gift - Shot 8

INT JABBA'S PALACE - THRONE ROOM 1. Weeba Weeba - a Human guard 2. UNKNOWN SHIRTLESS HUMAN GUARD - a Human Skiff Guard. 3. Boba Fett - a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter 4. Tessek - a Quarren / Squid Headed Alien. Although rather blurred in this shot, this is the pan shot from jabba to Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Weeba Weeba's yellow coveralls are similar in appearance to Nizuc Bek or Velken Tezeri, I believe that this is Weeba Weeba as he does not wear goggles around his neck as Nizuc Bek does…

The Knights of the Jedi Order (KJO) is the Jedi Detachment of the Rebel Legion. Dedicated to the creation and wearing of screen accurate replicas of Jedi costumes from the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Film, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Art, Luke Skywalker Costume, Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Costumes, Cool Costumes

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Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker Star Wars Film, Star Wars Art, Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Episode 6, Wedge Antilles, I Still Love Him, The Phantom Menace, Original Trilogy

I GIVE YOU WEDGE ANTILLES, THE MOST AWESOME AND MOST UNDERRATED CHARACTER EVER if you don't believe me, just read the expanded universe