Brevas con Arequipe

Its even more delicious with a piece of cheese and syrup. Brevas con Arequipe or

Manjar Blanco

Here is a delicious sweet, also known as Manjar de Leche or simply Manjar. It's similar to Blancmange, Toffe or Dulce de Leche.

Arroz con Mariscos y Coco

The colours are always wonderful in the Caribbean Cuisine. Those who like sweet and salty flavours together will love this dish. Arroz con Mariscos y

Capón de Ahuyama

Pumpkin soup- Sopa de ahuyama (AKA the only way I'll ever have this soup presented this way is if Heather makes it for me)

Sudado de Pescado

Sudado de Pescado or Fish Stew is one of my favourite recipes because it is very nutritious and easy to make. You can serve the fish with rice or alone

Empanadas de Atún

Like many Colombian snacks this can be a main meal or just an appetiser. This is my version of the Tuna Pasties, but different flavour and dips can be

Cayeye o Cabeza de Gato con Camarones

Cayeye or mote de guineo con queso is a typical dish from the Caribbean Coast, just in the banana zone of Magdalena. A variant is the Cabeza de Gato,

Langostinos al ajillo

This is a classic Spanish recipe, which over time, became a favourite Caribbean dish. We cannot deny the similarities in our cuisine with other