Deditos de Queso

Deditos de Queso, Colombian food, appetizer, Cheese fingers, No fry alternative to mozzarella sticks. During Aruban parties they serve the basic snacks which includes these

Envueltos de Mazorca

I love the Envueltos-Hallacas or corn parcels, but I can't always find corn leaves in the market.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja paisa: Colombian dish that's a mix/match of all kinds of wonderful foods.

Sancocho Trifasico "Tres Carnes"

Sancocho Trifasico 'Tres Carnes' or Colombian Three meats Stew is a very popular one pot stew. This makes a perfect family meal or Sunday Lunch.

Arroz con Mariscos y Coco

The colours are always wonderful in the Caribbean Cuisine. Those who like sweet and salty flavours together will love this dish. Arroz con Mariscos y

Arepa Rellena

Arepas, you can eat them with anything. You can get creative and eat it with anything.