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some dices on a wooden table with the words teaching band with games above them
Music Theory Match-Up Games - Band Directors Talk Shop
four music themed classroom games for the middle school music classroom clap clap, human piano instrument chairs, and my instrument, your instrument
4 Music Themed Classroom Games
Playing classroom games is not just about having fun, it can serve as a tool to create a positive learning climate too. In this blog post you will discover 4 music themed classroom games, plus how to access your free copy of the 31 Fun Classroom Games download that includes instructions and details for each game. These are perfect for the middle school and general music classroom. Click the pin to find out more
children standing in front of the ocean with their capes on and believe kids logo
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a yellow circle with musical notes around it and the words would you rather be able to hear?
Would You Rather... Band Version - Band Directors Talk Shop
a computer screen with the text growing bundle jamboard templates
12 FREE Jamboard and FigJam Templates for Teachers - Make Way For Tech
the google drive bingo game is shown in this image with text overlaying it
Choice boards for Teacher PD
Amy Banas , a contributor to an online book study regarding Shift This , shared this story... I love the idea of choice boards that Joy mentioned. This past year, I had to give PD on Google Drive...
the 25 free google slides templates for teachers to use on their computer or tablet
35 Fantastic Free Google Slides Templates and Themes for Teachers
an image of a game board with the words beginning band games jeoardy
Teaching Beginning Band with Games - Jeopardy - Band Directors Talk Shop
Games can make almost anything seem fun, right? Band, orchestra, or choir directors - if you're looking for something to change up your typical content review, try this Band Jeopardy idea!! You'll have fun coming up the categories, and your students will have even more fun trying to come up with correct answers and accumulate points! It's a great team-building exercise that will keep everyone engaged and motivated to review, with OR without instruments. #banddirectorstalkshop #beginningbandgames