Chicken Grooming

Caring for your chickens feathers, skin, nails, spurs and beak. How to trim, bathe and clip a chicken properly. Chicken grooming.
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a poster with an image of a chicken on it's back and the words help me i'm molting
Why adding mealworms to your chicken's diets is important, especially during molts
a close up of a chicken with the words everything you need to know about chickens
Everything You Need To Know About Chicken Combs (Varieties, Colors and More)
a person in white gloves is feeding a chicken out of a metal bowl on the grass
Chickens Have Messy Bottoms
a person holding a chicken in their hands with the words how to trim chickens nails safely
How and when to cut a chicken's nails the right way!
How to clip a chicken's nails without making them bleed! You may need to clip your backyard chickens nails after winter or being broody. It's very easy to do and is similar to clipping a dog or cats nails and chickens claws also have a quick you'll need to avoid when trimming. I'll show you how to do it safely.
an image of what is the green glamd on a chicken? with text overlay
What is the Preen Gland on a Chicken?
a close up of a bird with the words how to deal with wet and frozen head & face feathers
What to do about frozen head feathers in chickens
Winter brings all kinds of hazards for chickens and wet or frozen feathers can be a real problem! What to do about frozen head feathers in chickens, Silkies. When chickens drink water in winter, their crests can dip into the water and get wet. These wet feathers can freeze and frozen head feathers can cause problems for chickens. Here is how to trim them.
three chickens with the words why do chicken combs look so different from one another?
🐔🎩Why Chicken Combs Look So Different: Unveiling the Mystery🔎🐔
Unravel the enigma behind the unique styles of chicken combs! 🐔👑 Dive into this fascinating read to understand why these natural 'hats' are as varied as they are useful. Join us on a journey brimming with secrets! Mysteries are waiting to be cracked 🔍🐓. #chickens #backyardfarm #backyardchickens #chickenbreeds
how to clip a chickens wing feathers to keep them from flying
Chicken feather trimming guide (super easy!)
Are your chickens flying to places they shouldn't be? How to: trimming a chickens wing feathers. Easy to follow tutorial! Best way to keep your chickens from flying is to clip one or both sets of flight feathers. Follow these trimming diagrams to clip their feathers safely and keep them from flying out of their run.
How to make Chicken Diapers out of a Sock
a person is holding a chicken in their hand with the caption how to clip a chickens nails safely
How to clip a chicken's nails
different types of chickens and their names
Diagram, how to trim chicken feathers Clipping Chickens Wings
Chicken feather trimming guide
a white chicken standing in the grass with text overlay that reads 3 essential tips for grooming your white silk chickens
Tips For Grooming White Silkie Chickens
a rooster with the words how to remove rooster spurs it's super easy
How to remove rooster spurs (the easy way)
a chicken wrapped in a towel on the floor with it's head sticking out
Washing Chickens