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cross stitch/embroidery + stuff that could work well as patterns (perler, pixel art)
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the cross stitch pattern is showing different flowers
���� #35 - ������� 30 - kuritsa-kusturitsa
Gallery.ru / Фото #2 - Вышивка 30 - kuritsa-kusturitsa
the cross stitch pattern shows different types of flowers
O Blog da DMC
Small cross stitch charts for needle books and pincushions
a cross stitch pattern with red flowers and the words, diamond d'art on it
a cross stitch penguin with a heart in it's beak, on a white background
Penguin with heart cross stitch pdf pattern - Ringcat
a cross stitch pattern with scissors and some other items on the wooden table next to it
Folk Cross Stitch Pattern, Instant Download PDF, Counted Cross Stitch, Embroidery Pattern