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three posters with different designs on them, one is pink and the other has black and white
Branding Village of Genalguacil
an open book with green and black pages on it's cover, the title is in
Design by Atelier Martino Ja帽a for the Festivais Gil Vicente 2011 #layout
a magazine with a man wearing glasses on it's front page and the title ne oay written in chinese
Neway magazine
Neway magazine by María Vázquez Reina #editorial #design #magazine
three different people with their arms crossed in front of them, and one person holding a book
Ville d'Annecy - Identité visuelle
Création du logo et de l'identité visuelle de la Ville d'Annecy - Savoie
a woman with a rose on her head and two birds perched on her shoulder, surrounded by cactuses
Portada para México, versión dos. Diseño gráfico, cubierta, revista, portada, CoRea, Hispanoamérica, quetzal, Frida, Kahlo, azteca, cactus. graphic design, magazine cover, méjico, korea. 멕시코, 그래픽 포스타, póster.
the cover of cult magazine featuring frida kahlo
Edições da revista - Revista Cult
the front cover of an italian magazine with a portrait of a man wearing a helmet
a man standing in front of a red background with the words vaal para cima