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Winter Black French Truffles - Brushed

Winter Black truffles are harvested in the wintertime in the forests of the Perigord and Lot regions of France. They are designated "brushed" which literally means they have been carefully cleaned and brushed, and are ready to use. Shave over pastas; aromatize chicken and meat dishes, winter soup or even scrambled eggs. They are preserved in their own brine or juice, which can be used for sauces or broths. Preserved French black truffles are a nice, budget-friendly way to add visual…

American Black Bowfin Caviar Gift Set

To give and to keep is now incredibly easy. Share this great American Bowfin caviar…or keep it for your own enjoyment! A ready-made appetizer for up to three people: a jar of Bowfin caviar paired with mini blini and crème fraiche. To complete the gift (or if you don't have one for yourself yet) add the optional Mother of Pearl spoon. 2 oz American Bowfin Caviar 1 pack Russian mini blinis - 36 pack 8.0oz container crème fraiche Mother of Pearl Spoon - optional

Mimolette - Aged 12 Months

Hailing from the area of Lille (which gives this cheese its other common name, “Boulle de Lille”), near Flanders, this distinct bright orange cheese is a beloved French fromage, similar in many ways to traditional Dutch Edam, which probably served as the inspiration for this French version. Mimolette is cow’s milk cheese, made with annatto seeds for that bright color, and it can be aged anywhere between 2 to 24 months. Like most hard cheeses, with age Mimolette gets crumblier and more…

Winter Black French Truffle Butter

When you incorporate truffle butter into your cooking, your dishes become an international event. Thick butter turns dark with French black truffles and you'll see a sea of truffle pieces swimming in this rich spread. Absolute must-try. Ingredients:butter, black truffle puree, black truffle peeling, natural black truffle extract, black truffle juice concentrate, salt. Use within one week after opening. This item requires Overnight shipping

Summer Black French Truffles - Brushed First Choice

When the fresh truffle season ends (yes, a dark day indeed in kitchens around the world), we're thankful that there is an alternative to get our truffle fix. Enter preserved truffles. Summer truffles will not be very striking out of the jar, and will need to be heated up or cooked with to bring out the flavors. Best for used in hot dishes like risottos, omelets and mashed potatoes. The heat of the dish itself will help bring out the aroma. An even more successful way to enhance the dish…

Fresh Truffle Burrata

If you haven't tried our Fresh Truffle Burrata yet, you're in for a treat. This ball of fresh mozzarella acts as a natural vessel for the buttery cream within, preserving a milky freshness that gushes out when you cut the cheese in half. The cream is also peppered with chunks of fresh truffle, adding pungent and irresistible undernotes to what is already deliciously creamy. Best of all, this cheese is made to order, so it arrives at your door with all those flavors at their peak moment of…

Italian Truffled Sea Salt

A blend of fine Sicilian sea salt and Italian black summer truffles (ground), Casina Rossa's Truffle Sea Salt is incredibly versatile. Use it as an ingredient or to finish off a preparation. An incredible gourmet seasoning, it lends itself for innovation and luxury in any chef's kitchen. Featured in a wide array of cooking and lifestyle publications, this is certain to be a winning addition. Made in the Abruzzo region of Italy by Nicola DeLaurentis and wife Paola.

Extra Strong Mustard - Moutarde du Lion

This spectacular Moutard Du Lion extra strong mustard comes in Pommery’s classic vintage presentation, a gorgeous stoneware crock capped with a sealed top. Inside, you’ll find a smooth mustard that’s been sieved for perfect texture, with a flavor that’s in the best tradition of Dijon, intense yet not overpowering. The flavors matches perfectly to red meats, so smother it over a plump roast for a burst of flavor. Also equally delicious with white meats, pair it with pork, chicken or even…

Asian Black Truffle Peelings

Also known popularly as Chinese Truffles, these Asian version of the recognized European species is an inexpensive alternative to garnish your dishes. Preserved black truffle peelings are a nice, budget-friendly way to add visual truffle appeal to dishes. Jarred or canned truffle peelings, sold by us or any other vendor, are mere shadows of their fresh truffle selves and will not, by themselves, deliver the aroma or flavor of fresh truffles. Preserved truffles out of the jar or can have…

Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar - Malossol

This bright and big caviar comes from Alaskan salmon, which produce a large and succulent egg with a fresh and briny flavor that pops in the mouth. Prepared the "malossol" way - lightly salted, this salmon caviar for sale is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants. Great to add flavor and color to appetizers (just top a fresh blini with a dollop of creme fraiche and add a spoonful of these succulent eggs), it's also great on creamy sauces and to garnish dishes.

Candied Orange Slices, Glazed

Bring a bright, citrusy dimension to your recipes with our Candied Orange Slices. Made from Australian Navel/Valencia oranges, sliced and glazed in sugar and corn syrup, they have a richly sweet, summery and fresh flavor and floral scent. These glazed orange slices can be used as a visually striking, edible garnish for meats (particularly duck, chicken or pork), as well as desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more. Buy candied orange slices online from Gourmet Food Store, delivered…