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Design template for conical tube ?? - RCU Forums

Scratch Building, Aircraft Design, 3D/CAD - Design template for conical tube ?? - Hello, I would like to roll the thrust tube from the plywood for use in ducted fan model. Anyone know how to properly and precise draw the template for this ? Kristijan

HELP ID This Motor.... If you dare!!!

I have a couple more pics......but we will start with this one. Sorry about the poor quality.

electric tricycle Automatic Shift Rear Axle motor and controller kit Dr.Blue

electric tricycle Automatic Shift Rear Axle motor and controller kit

Advantages • Convenient driving, Very good feeling • It's silent when changing gears,It can Change gears at any time on Driving • Vehicle starting power is strong, Good climbing performance • High efficiency motor,Run perfect mileage, increase battery Life • It has patented several inventions in China DATAI Automatic Shift Rear Axle Function 1.On Automatic shift, When the vehicle starts, Gear Shifter default low gear every time; After the vehicle starts, driving to the medium speed, than…

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For our final technical project we decided to build an electric go kart using commonly available components. The requirements were to implement project management principles, hardware, and software design. The project build time was about 3 months, but the research started about 4 mounts in advance. We started to research potential motors that could be suitable for a go kart. Our target motor power output was 3kW. The majority of 3 phase 3kW electric motor are priced around $400, which was…

The Most 8 Cheap Hybrid Cars (Recommended For You) - The Manungso

What is the cheapest hybrid car on the market? Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Hyundai Kona Hybrid. Toyota Corolla. Toyota Prius. Hyundai Ioniq. Kia Niro. Toyota C-HR. Ford Mondeo Hybrid. What is the best hybrid car for the money? 10 Best Hybrid Cars for the Money Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Kia Niro. Honda Accord Hybrid. Hyundai Ioniq. Nissan Rogue […]

What you need to know about an electric car conversion | EV conversions

This article covers everything you need to know about EV conversions: how much a conversion costs, how much money you can save and which motor to use.

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Генератор на постоянных неодимовых магнитах + сетевой инвертор

По вопросам заказа и приобретения генератора, пожалуйста, обращайтесь:+38 044 360 01 35sales@windkraft.com.uaСайт windkraft.com.ua To order and purchase the ...

GO GREEN Electric VW Bug Rebirthauto 96Volt Kit #001 in car

http://electricvehicles101.co.cc/youtube.htmlVehicle1975 Volkswagen BeetleMotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES-31B DC Series Wound DCControllerKelly KDH12600 Cont...