757 Pins
a painting of people standing in front of a manhole with one person reaching for something
Jehová envía al profeta Jeremías a predicar | Lecciones de la Biblia para niños
Ébed-Mélec y otros hombres sacan a Jeremías de un pozo
an image of jesus and his family in the field
Bible Characters: Joseph's Colorful Coat
two men standing next to each other in front of some mountains and grass, one wearing a long robe
a painting of a man standing in front of a tent with his hands out to another person
Genesis 37:3-4 - "Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son..."
an illustration of a man sitting in a chair next to another man who is reading
a painting of a man with a crown on his head looking out over a river
a painting of two men dressed in medieval clothing and holding papers while one man is wearing a crown on his head
El último buen rey de Israel: Josías | Historia bíblica
El último buen rey de Israel: Josías | Historia bíblica
a painting of jesus in the midst of other people
Soloman builds the temple
an image of jesus washing his feet in the bathtub with other people around him
King David
a man sitting on top of a chair wearing a crown
Você sabe quem foi Davi de verdade? - Escola Bíblica Online
a man with a beard wearing a gold and red outfit is looking up at the sky
Rey, 2 Samuel 11, Rei, 2 Samuel
Rei Davi e Bate-Seba | Lições da Bíblia para crianças
a painting of jesus holding a harp
King David Playing the Harp - Gerard van Honthorst - Google Arts & Culture
an animated image of a man holding a staff in front of a tree on fire
Come Follow Me- Old Testament Podcast #13-God Remembers His Covenant to a Thousand Generations, Exodus 1-6
Daniel C. Peterson, retired professor of Islamic Studies and founder and editor-in-chief of the Interpreter Foundation, and producer of the film Witnesses, joins Scot and Maurine to explore Moses’s profound encounter with the burning bush and the charge he was given to confront Pharoah with the message to “Let my people go.” This explores the
a painting of two women with their hands in the air
La hija de Jefté | Historia bíblica
La hija de Jefté | Historia bíblica