Aborrajados de Plátano Maduro

Aborrajados de Platáno Maduro

Colombian food: Aborrajados (Ripe Plantain Fritters) This delicious side dish or snack can be prepared in different ways. If you like, you can add some guava paste between the plantains to go along with the cheese.

Colombian-Style Fried Pork Belly (Chicharrón Colombiano)|mycolombianrecipes.com

Colombian-Style Fried Pork Belly (Chicharrón Colombiano)

Chicharron & Arepa

Colombian-style chicharonnes, served with a chewy corn disk called an arepa and a squeeze of lime, make a nice late-morning breakfast with a cup of.

Bonuelos colombianos

The perfect accompaniment to Natilla at Christmas, but also good to eat at anytime of the day with a drink of chocolate. [widgetkit Buñuelos or