Recetas de Comida Colombiana

Ideas para complacer el paladar de mi maridito
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Ajiaco Bogotano

During this time of year it's really good to have a little bit of hot soup to get warmed. What better soup than Ajiaco Bogotano, one of the most popular dishes in Colombia. This soup's main ingred.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja paisa: Colombian dish that's a mix/match of all kinds of wonderful foods.


Pandebonos - Colombian cheese bread, I am soooo happy I found this recipe. You have to eat these until you feel downright guilty!


Corn and Cheese Bread (White or Yellow Corn bread with Cheese ) Known as Almojabanas in Colombia)


Changua or Milky Soup can be an easy breakfast or a good snack for mid-afternoon. It is very popular everywhere in Colombia. Changua or Milky Soup

Roscón de Arequipe (Dulce de Leche Stuffed Bread)

Roscón de Arequipe (Dulce de Leche Stuffed Bread)

Pan Mojicón or Mojicones are sweet rolls with a fluffy and light texture. These traditional Colombian bread rolls are from the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.