Happy Holloween!

So here I am presenting Halloween pumpkin nails art designs of 2016 that you would like to apply.

Uñas decoradas para Halloween

40 diseños de uñas decoradas para Halloween, ¡terroríficas!

In this article I have some nail care tips for you, as well as 50 awesome Halloween nail art design ideas.

Today I am unfolding before you cute Halloween themed cat nail art designs, ideas, trends & stickers of Have a look at the collection.

White French tips with small black polka dots and free hand pink ribbons. nail art

Uñas decoradas ,uñas francesas siempre a la moda

uñas moños

20 Diseños para hacerle a tus uñas un manicure francés

Image viaCherry & Bow Nail ArtImage viaAnother wonderful version of the classy bow inspired French tips. The nails are coated in clear nail polish as tipped with white polish, simp

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