Decorando tazas

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a ceramic cup with a doll in the shape of a girl holding a toothbrush
Aprende cómo decorar tazas con figuras de porcelana fría
a close up of a person holding a cup with a figurine on it
a hand holding a pink coffee cup with a small sheep on it's side
lovely sheep
Figurine, Coffee Mug Crafts, Animal Cake Topper, Clay Cup
a hand holding a spoon with a small doll on it's handle next to a cup
a hand holding a white coffee cup with green and pink flowers on it's side
a cake shaped like a heart with makeup on it sitting in the middle of some grass
Polymer clay makeup
Fimo handmade .made with love.this mug for makeup lovers❤
there are many different makeup products in the box
Make up mug/ maquillaje pasta flexible