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Moises Salcedo

Moises Salcedo
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Break dance AU (belongs to Starrycove) by Jen-iii

jen-iii: I had the idea that in Miraculous Moves AU that Ladybug has these light up shoes which do this really cool effect when in motion and I thought it would be a really cool reference to the actual Ladybug’s Yo-Yo when she spins

Break Dance AU Chat Noir and Ladybug (Miraculous Ladybug)

taylordraws: oh ho ho ho i tried so hard not to make it shippy but i am not strong enough im sorry lol

b70RaYZJE3E.jpg (712×1024)

An amazing cross over with miraculous and Ninjago or it could just be miraculous but as ninjas but it's still awesome anyway Credits to the awesome artist who made this

Miraculous Ladybug

Fan art of Chat Noir & Marinette from the French CGI animated series "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir"