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three glass jars filled with blue liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
5 formas de hacer un repelente para gatos - wikiHow
a cat sitting on the floor next to a scratching post
How to Replace the Carpet on a Cat Scratching Post
rascador Gato
a cat playing with a scratching board on the floor
Untitled Document
Has your cat focused her scratching efforts on your favorite sofa or chair? Save your furniture with the Sofa Safe Scratcher!
an image of a couch that has been placed on the floor and is not in use
This sofa saver.
This sofa saver. | 23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want
an open white box with two purple bowls in the bottom and one blue bowl inside
Kitty Litter Furniture... (litterbox, ideas, room, white) - Cats -
Litter Box - Designer Catbox Size of the Designer Catbox: 29.1” length by 20.6” width by 20.8” height. Cat entrance holes are 7.5" wide by 8" high to fit large cats. Interior dimensions of Designer Catbox are: 26.4" length by 18.5" width by 14.2" height.
two pictures of the same cat litter box
No-mess cat litter box -- sooo looking forward to not having litter all over the floor !
a blue litter box with a white cat in it
Cat litter box: Get a plastic container and cut a hole in the front. Make sure the box is a little bigger than the litter container itself so that it can trap the litter inside the box. Put a foam mat at the bottom, a few hooks on the side for items such as the scooper and attach a motion light to the back. Thats it! The smell and the litter will stay trapped in the box and you will have everything you need in one spot!
there are many different pictures of cats in the room with their food bowls and bed
before & after: kristen + michelle + kristi
Old piece of furniture does it all. Food, water, bed and drawers for their supplies.
a cat sitting on top of a cardboard house
Cardboard house
a dog house made out of pallet wood with two holes in the roof and one hole at the top
Cabane à Chats / Pallet Cats House • 1001 Pallets
Cat or dog house made from pallets!
a cat sitting on top of a wooden house
August 2012
outdoor cat houses | Outside Cat House – An Outdoor Cat Shelter for Cats
a wooden dog house with a slide in the yard
Emily Luxury Outdoor Cat House
a cat house with two cats in it on top of a table next to a wooden wall