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“Sedum 'Frosty Morn'. beautiful #flowers #garden love”

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ I have these spread out in all of my gardens. They add some nice color to the gardens after most other plants have passed.

'Autumn Joy' Stonecrop - FineGardening

This plant is as dependable and adaptable as they come.

Foggy Bottom Gardens | The island beds have a dramatic prese… | Flickr

Foggy Bottom Gardens

The island beds have a dramatic presence, and upon closer inspection they are filled with fabulous pairings such as this combination of Stipa tenuissima and Sedum matrona.

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Best Planting Combination Ideas

Autumn Joy Sedum: Cut down at 4th of July, will still bloom and won't fall over and make a mess in your garden! #gardening

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Had a (non gardening) co worker a few years ago who just moved into a different home. It was a primarily shady yard, and they could tell it had been fashioned into a garden, even though it was winter when they moved in, they could see there were lots of little plant markers in the yard with names on them. It was soon discovered that the previous owners were of my ilk, i.e., "plant maniacs"! When Jim wrote down some of the names and showed me, i immediately recognized most of the variety…

My Favorite Plant Combinations 59

My Favorite Plant Combinations 59 (My Favorite Plant Combinations 59) design ideas and photos

My Favorite Plant Combinations 59

How to Grow & Care for Sedum Plants...Sedum "Hot Stuff"...Growing only to less than 12 inches high, these sedum plants have sturdy stems that don’t flop, and gorgeous pink flowers from summer through fall. Zones 4-10

How to Grow & Care for Sedum Plants • The Garden Glove

Learn how to grow and care for sedum plants! These tough succulents are cold hardy, drought tolerant and heat tolerant! And, stonecrop is deer resistant!

Sedum, Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy Sedum

Sedums, like Hostas and have become staples in American perennial gardens in recent years. And this one, Autumn Joy, is the one responsible. This incredible plant is now at or near the top of everyone's list of the best perennial flowers of them all. Nothing beats it for late color in the border. Photo at right: Sedums add color from midsummer through early fall, when most other flowers are waning. And Autumn Joy, particularly, lights up with bright pink to orangey flowerheads giving any…

Easy Care Sedums (Sedum 'Autumn Joy')

9 Easy Care Sedums | World of Succulents

Use these low-water succulents planted in containers, rock walls, and sunny gardens. Hybrids of Sedum telephium and Sedum spectabile, Sedums in the...

Stunning sedums for fall gardens

Stunning sedums for fall gardens

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Find our full disclosure here.The established perennial garden of my first home introduced me to ‘Autumn Joy’. This drought-tolerant stonecrop, as it is also called, was a [&hellip