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Like pizza? Here's where you should eat it in when in the greater NYC area.

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Don Antonio's: well-made Neapolitan pies that are set apart by the toppings offered | Hell's Kitchen

Don Antonio Brings World-Class Pizza to Atlanta

"Pizza is a social food. In this country, you call a friend and say, 'Let's go get a drink.' In Italy, we say, 'Let's get a pizza.'" Every single thing I ate at Don Antonio by Starita was well worth sharing with someone you care about. MY favorite pizza in Atlanta? I think I just found it.

Best Pizza: NYC pizza where you pick your toppings and pie size with perfectly chewy crust, great ingredients | Williamsberg

The Definitive Top 7 NYC Pizza Shops, As Chosen by 11 Pie Experts

We gathered the city's top pizza enthusiasts and ranked the best-of-the best pizza spots in NYC.

Joe's Pizza: The best classic NYC slice, visited by many celebrites | Greenwich Village

The Greenwich Village Institution

Founded by Pino 'Joe' Pozzuoli in 1975, Joe's Pizza is a 'Greenwich Village institution' offering the classic New York slice for over 35 years, first, from our corner location at Bleecker and Carmine Street and then 3 doors down at 7 Carmine Street.

Paulie Gee's: Too many creative pizzas to choose from, and all of them look perfectly cooked in a Neapolitan style | Greenpoint

Paulie Gee's: Too many creative pizzas to choose from, and all of them look perfectly cooked in a Neapolitan style | Greenpoint

Motorino: well-made pies using traditional techniques and only the best ingrendients | Williamsburg, East Village

Motorino Pizza | New York | Hong Kong | Manila | Singapore

As a neighborhood pizzeria, whether in New York or Hong Kong, Motorino strives to be the reliable option both on a plate in the shop or in a cardboard box delivered at home.

Roberta's: rated, by many, as the best pizza in NYC. From the flavor of the sauce to the texture of the crust as well as all the important ratios, this place has mastered the art of pizza-making | East Williamsburg

Roberta's | Edible Brooklyn

A slacker pizza shop stumbles into greatness.

L'Asso: from deep dish to Neapolitan, this pizzeria can make it all and does it well | Soho

Where to Get Deep Dish Pizza in NYC? Not at L'asso

I was eating a dainty Neapolitan pizza with Adam Kuban recently when I lamented the fact that there's no Chicago deep dish pizza available in NYC (putting aside the few remaining branches of awful chain Uno Chicago Grill, which is actually headquartered in Boston). Adam mentioned that there is a place in Astoria that reportedly sells deep dish pies, but a few days later Time Outannounced that L'Asso is now selling a deep dish pie much closer to my Manhattan home.

Co. Pane: As they state on their website "our pizzas are not always round" but rather have the more rustic feel of misshapen homemade pizza. They also happen to have some of the most perfectly cooked dough and crust I have ever eaten. The communal style tables and rustic yet modern decor give the restaurant a cool, cozy vibe to match | Chelsea

Lunch Break: Pizza Pizza

Share a pizza pie with your coworkers to brighten your Tuesday in today's New York Lunch Break.

Celeste: a quaint Neapolitan restaurant, which, according to my parents, has the best pizza they've eaten in the Upper West Side. Order the Quattro Stagione when you just cannot decide between toppings | UWS

Celeste: The Italian Restaurant Every Neighborhood Should Have (But Doesn't)

"You want a bottle of red wine or white tonight? Or maybe rosé for the weather?" our waitress asked shortly after wedging us into a four-top no bigger than a couple of folded newspapers. Her delivery was spectacularly close to the Billy Joel song lyrics, which may have subconsciously influenced me into spending the rest of the meal thinking to myself, this has got to be the most neighborhood-Italian-y of neighborhood Italian restaurants in the city. I have a couple of friends who got married…

Marta: the brand new and buzzing Nomad pizza restaurant serving dressed up Roman-style pizzas that come thin & crispy. Go for brunch and add an egg | Nomad

NYC's best new pizzas of 2014

In the words of cartoon Julius Caesar: "Pizza pizza."

GG's: although it's not a pizza place, they make damn good pizzas. Such as this one, with housemade morcilla, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, grano padano, oregano, chili flake | Alphabet City

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