Flan de piña 1 lata grande de piña en su jugo 400gr de leche condensada 4 huevos Medio litro de leche 4 cucharadas soperas de azúcar ➷♥*☆*♥➷

Flan pineapple 1 large can of pineapple in juice condensed milk 4 eggs pint milk 4 tablespoons sugar

Crepes de jamón y queso

Crepes de jamón y queso suaves para niños

Platanos Calados (Caramelized Plantains) |mycolombianrecipes.com

Plátanos Calados o Plátanos en Tentacíon

Platanos Calados are platains caramelized with brown sugar. Platains are frequently used in the COlombian kitchen, either as a fried salty Snack or in numerous sweet variations.

Buñuelos colombianos

Buñuelos Colombianos

Buñuelos are a traditional Colombian Christmas treat, but they are also popular year round for breakfast with hot chocolate or coffee.

Recetas de Comida Colombiana

Pandebonos Colombianos

Pandebono is a traditional cheese bread accompanied by a cup of Colombian coffee of course.

20 Simple And Delicious Recipes

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