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In Seattle, the Long View (Published 2014)
a bath room with a wooden floor and a skylight above the tub in front of a window
A Finely Crafted Ski Lodge at Lake Crackenback
Lake Crackenback Ski Lodge by Lance Workshop Architecture and Design (via Lunchbox Architect)
a bathroom with a tub, sink and large mirror in the corner on the wall
soaking tub/shower combo
a bathroom with wooden flooring and a glass shower door that opens to the outside
that looks like an in ground bathtub with a wooden mat turning it into a shower... what a great idea!!
a bathroom with a large window and wooden shower head in the corner, along with a walk in shower
Waterfront home near Seattle is lifted on bridge-like structural supports
Herron Island cabin by First Lamp Architects
an image of a large closet in the middle of a room with wooden floors and doors
a bathroom with a tub, toilet and sink in it's center area is shown
Top 70 Farmhouse Bathroom Trends: Rustic and Charming Ideas for Your Home - Quiet Joy At Home
Top 70 Farmhouse Bathroom Trends: Rustic and Charming Ideas for Your Home 17
an overhead view of a bathroom with toilet and sink
Badglück - 3D Badplanung
an overhead view of a bathroom and living room in a small space with no furniture
Badglück - 3D Badplanung
Felicja von Badglück hat ein tolles Masterbad entworfen. Der Kunde hat sich eine moderne und helle Badplanung gewünscht. Die Bodenfliese Berlin Beige in 60x60cm schafft eine warme Atmosphäre, während die Wandfliese Glow Schneeweiß in 7,5x30cm hinter dem Waschtisch für einen eleganten Effekt sorgt. Das Ergebnis ist ein begeistertes und stilvolles Baddesign. #badplanung #badezimmer #badewanne #bodenfliese #wandfliese #fliesen #wc #beige #waschtisch #spiegel #wc #badglueck #modern
an old fashioned bathtub with plants in the window
a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower stall in white tiles on the walls
a bathroom with a white brick wall and wooden flooring next to a bathtub
Bathroom Bliss Refresh Your Space and beautiful decorating