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an open drawer with pens, pencils and other items in it that are labeled how to unlock your creative flow in five easy steps
5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creative Mojo
Creativity is often a dormant impulse, something we feel is missing in our lives or that we want to tap into but can't seem to access. If you feel like you've lost your creative mojo, don't despair; it's still there inside you, and with a few steps, you can find it again. In this guide, you'll learn simple but powerful ways to bring out your inner artist, restore your creative confidence, and find your creative mojo.
the words, 16 ways to make a painting more abstract
16 ways to make a painting more abstract - Tara Leaver
16 ways to make a painting more abstract, with practical suggestions to try #”abstractartpaintingsdiy”
there are three tea cups and a clock on top of each other with tags attached to them
Ellen Platt: textiles, mixed media, vintage paper, florals, stitch, appliqué, buttons, lace. ALevel Textiles
the feel - good creativity un - challenge is here
Take the Feel-Good Creativity Unchallenge!
It can be hard to stay focused on our creative practices, but we can still replenish our energy with it, if we focus on having fun! Join in for 5 days of bite-size (and free!) prompts: creativity prompts that are ridiculously easy to do with very little time, paired with wellness/mindset prompts to help soothe your nervous system and put your mind in the right place for creating. Sign up to reconnect to your creativity in a compassionate, pressure-free way!
an abstract painting with the words how painted colors will improve your art studio life on it
Why Muted Colors are Important
Learn why muted colors are REALLY important in a painting. Understand how to use them and mix them up. Great painting tutorial for beginners and more advanced painters. Painting tips for beginners. Oil painting tips and techniques. Learn how to paint and learn how to mix colors. #mutedcolors #mixingcolors #oilpainting #paintingforbeginners
someone is painting a woman's face on a jean jacket
DIY Jean Jacket Ideas | Upcycle That
DIY Jean Jacket Ideas | Upcycle That
an art studio at home even when you have no space with the words, how to make an art studio at home even when you have no space
12 Ways to Make an Art Studio at Home
a woman painting with the words how to start a painting habit
7 Painting Habit Tips to Help You Become More Consistent - Art Studio Life