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Akio: hey let's play with sanaes bread. Her bread is as hard as a rock Sanae: you don't like my bread *tearing up and runs out the store door* Akio: wait sanae I love your bread come back *runs after sanae*

Anime Hug: Clannad - Tomoya and Nagisa Hug Top Best Anime Hugs of All Time we Picked some great Anime Couple hugging scenes, Anime Friendship Hugging are here too, but undoubtedly the most amazing hugs in Anime are those Pretty Hugs from behind.

Angel Beats! ~ yo tembien tuve la misma reaccion xD pero para los que vieron el anime, no se preocupen por que habra una 2 temporada para Mayo 2015

I kinda felt like this too. - Angel Beats Too true Angel beats didn't really make me cry until the main guy started to make dreams come true and the little girl's dream made me soo sad<~~~Felt the exact same way, I hope there is a season 2

-- Uka x Touka from Inari Konkon Koi Iroha --

-- Uka x Touka from Inari Konkon Koi Iroha --