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3 Stabilizing Exercises for Better Balance When Working Out
Find yourself struggling with those one-leg stretching exercises or a lot balance workouts in general. Here are two areas that typically need work in these cases. Areas to work on: • Hip Stability- especially in the frontal plane. Glute Medius is KEY here! • Foot Strength- many people can’t create a strong, stable base at their feet to move from. 🎯These exercises are some of my favorites for helping you build your single leg stability from the ground up!
Quick and Effective Workout for Busy Days Part-7
One of my favorite rehab exercises. Star balance drill is a great movement that can help a variety of hip, knee, and ankle issues! The tape is not necessary, but serves as a great visual aid for the directions that you should reach with the floating foot. #ExerciseMotivation #FitnessJourney #WorkoutInspiration #FitnessGoals #FitnessLifestyle #FitLife #FitnessTips
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an image of a woman laying on her back with the caption that reads, how do
This Is How I Lost 50 Pounds
Exercícios para deixar o corpo em forma.
Back workout
💚💚Slim your back with these 4 moves . Complete 3 sets of 20 reps. Challenge starts today!!!
Unlock the secrets to a slimmer back with our targeted workout routine. Define your silhouette and boost your confidence! 💪🌟 #SlimBackWorkout #BackSculpting #FitnessGoals