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a red hand truck with two wheels attached to the side of a white wall in front of it
Manual Sod Cutter - Bulldog
a drawing of an object with numbers and symbols on it, as well as letters
Sod Cutter
Sod Cutter
a swing bed with pillows on it and rope hanging from the sides, in front of a white background
Handcrafted Bed Swings, Collection Of Bed Swings
LOVE, but would also need to make a pergola or arbor to hang the swing from to make it portable if I moved :)
an old green pipe sitting on top of a table next to other tools and equipment
tips on building a smoker 2
tips on building a smoker 2
a pair of ladders leaning against a wall in a room filled with baseball bats
Sod Cutter $10.00 for 4 hrs or $15.00 for 24 hrs
there is a blue tarp on the ground with some metal pieces in it and one piece missing
Homemade Sod Cutter
Sod Cutter by mdmre -- Homemade sod cutter constructed from angle iron, flat bar stock, and steel pins.
an old lawn mower sitting in the grass
a "sod cutter" pulled by mule or horse, as used to cut the sod at the site of adobe walls
a man using a lawn mower to cut grass
Sod Cutter, Kick Type with 12-Inch Blade
Kick-Type Sod Cutter, 12
an overhead view of a red ladder with two black bars on the top and bottom
Sod cutter