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Los sorprendentes beneficios del café para la salud. #infografía #café

This info graphic is explaining to the viewer the negative effects of coffee. It goes around different parts of the body explaining the negative effects that could occur to that specific part if coffee is over consumed or drank too often.

Tratamientos efectivos para la perdida de cabello ~

Tratamientos efectivos para la perdida de cabello ~


(Both of my Bengals have these astonishing green eyes. In fact, they came from the breeder that bred the green eyes into the breed.) * * BENGAL: "Green eyes be okey, but der be cats who 'tink me be Irish or carries an Envy gene.

maid-en-china:  “Look up.” Said the Stars “And all your dreams will reveal themselves.”I’ve been longing to take long exposure photography of the night sky for a while now. So much beauty is hidden in the Milky Way that’s often too polluted by city lights to see. I haven’t had time to go out into the wilderness to take photos so I’ll be drawing the stars in anticipation.

Said the Stars - by yuumei (Wenqing Yan) “Look up.” Said the Stars “And all your dreams will reveal themselves.” I’ve been longing to take long exposure photography of the night sky for a while now. So much beauty is hidden in the Milky Way that’s.