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friends !! ♥
Sacred Geometry symbols, their names and meanings---Great tattoo ideas!!
Mazer Creations: Magical Symbols
This #tribal inspired #mandala set combines elements of the earth, moon, geometry, feathers and animal totems.
Never realized that each logo represented a different country (although, it makes sense that they change it for each different game in the series)
Titanic. so fantastic...despite the fact Jack looks about 7 years younger than Rose. not this movie.
Titanic love
Jack dawson love Love LOVE!!!!
Rose & Jack. Titanic.
Titanic. "But, under that, you're the most amazingly astounding wonderful girl, woman, that I've ever known."
صور خلف الكواليس ستغير نظرتك لهذه الأفلام
Titanic (1997) Director: James Cameron
Dromore Castle at Twilight | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Many years later… honestly, I really wish these two were a couple in real life, haha. Two of my favorite actors :)