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I kind of have inklings of Bindy being the main girl because she could potentially have a huge character arc as well, being very nervous and quirky at the beginning, which I intend to ease by the end.

Anime girl - blond hair, purple eyes, brown-black dress, brown hat, book -- I just kinda wanna draw her.

Anime girl, long black hair, blue eyes

Anime girl, long black hair, blue eyes: well except for the blue eyes, this reminds me of Eliza :-)

✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime. . .bunny girl. . .rabbit ears. . .pajamas. . .roomwear. . .striped socks. . .bow. . .twin tails. . .sweets. . .candy. . .food. . .cute. . .kawaii

There are soo many neko girls in anime industry, but I've seen only one bunny girl so far. I think they're as cute as the neko girls, If not cuter.

#vocaloid #anime

miku green hair version (Again, I don't make these pics, I just think they r pretty cool)


Hot anime guy, headphones, black and white, animated boy, yellow eyes.


“tsundere: alternate hair color cherry blossoms close-up closed eyes face flower hair flower hair ornament hatsune miku long hair pink hair sakura miku solo twintails vocaloid ”