Chigüire 53 - A must try restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia. See the review for more about what they serve

leer en español A must eat at restaurant for anyone visiting Bogotá Michael: Sure there are restaurants offering food from around Colombia. But when it comes to Chigüiro no one does it better than…

El Pórtico Restaurant Near Bogotá is a Must for Visitors

July 2016 Michael: El Pórtico has it all, ambiance, great Colombian style food, a playground for the kids, a coffee shop and a church. All these features contributes to a dual personality.

Colombian Picada at a No-Name Restaurant

By Michael March 2016 The above photo is the lunch my wife and I had on Sunday. Here in Colombia they call it a picada.

Trattoria de La Plaza – Where Bogotanos Experience Italian Cuisine

**Michael: “What I love is it is in a neighborhood no one would expect to find it,” said the person who invited us. I then asked Georgio how he found the place. “I like to look fo…

Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense - Where the Locals Dine for Lunch

October 2015 Michael: There are two things about Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense I can say for certain.

El Inglés Gastro Pub- English Restaurant in Bogotá has humour

July 2015 Michael: A sign on the wall exposes the English type chuckles the moment you walk in the door.

La Granja - you can't help but enjoy eating at this restaurant near Bogotá

In the last several years great strides have been made insuring safer travel to the small towns around Bogotá…

Camelot - a lunch place that has never disappointed me.

While you won’t find decoration that has anything to do with Camelot, still this is an excellent place to have lunch. Graciela: My times eating at Camelot are numerous.

Pernilones in Mosquera - they do chicken and do it very well

Leer en Español Michael: Exceptional taste, attractive price and enough on the plate to fill a gringo appetite is what Pernilones in Mosquera delivers.

Pesquera Jaramillo in Parque 93 - a seafood restaurant that many consider the best in the city of 8 million people.

Pesquera Jaramillo – An Exception to the Rule

La Jugueteria - Toys, toys and more toys is the theme of this restaurant.

Michael: There are theme restaurants in Bogotá that receive more press than La Juguetería, but not one of them overall is as good.

Wingz bar brings unique to a whole new level

Wingz bar brings unique to a whole new level

Felinos - One of my favorite restaurants in Bogotá and it is even in a gringolandia area.

Leer en Español Michael: In the Usaquen barrio of Bogotá many restaurants surround Felinos.

La K-Zona - great deserts, but their main menu is for those wanting a certain taste.

A restaurant with fantastic deserts but meat dishes that seem to cater to a specific taste. Michael: The first time we arrived at La K-Zona restaurant came after a BBQ at Neusa.

Carbon de Palo - This Bogotá pays attention to detail to make your evening special

Leer en Español Attention to detail makes Carbon de Palo a memorable dining experience.

Asadero Las Varas - located in a small town not far from Bogotá this is the place for piqueteadero

Nothing fancy just great food and service Michael: We stood at the opening of a metal fence covered with plastic sheeting. Wooden poles extending from the house roof to the top of the fence and co…