actividades para los niños en vacaciones

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Для кота
Если вам дорога ваша мебель и обои на стенах, то эта когтеточка то, что вам нужно. #Когтеточка #кот #кошка #котеечка
Farol de natal passo a passo: MOLDE GRATUITO
Letra F, vamos pular a fogueira!
🔥 Nessa divertida atividade, exploramos o som e a forma gráfica enquanto nos divertimos e movimentamos com os pequenos. Saltar, dançar e brincar de forma lúdica e estimulante, trabalhando a motricidade ampla e fina. Créditos @prof_lidiane_ Siga @nossaeducacaoo para mais! 🥰
10 Frame Flip Board
Making this 10 Frame Flip Board is definitely worth your time because you will use it for years! This learning toy teaches children counting, addition and subtraction! And you can use it with your children every year to introduce these math concepts progressively. . 👉🏻 Recommended for ages 2 to 6yo 👉🏻 For 2 to 4yo, let them do counting from 1 to 10. For 5 to 6yo, try simple addition and subtraction within 10 problems.
a lit candle that has been cut out to look like an evil face with glowing eyes
vela halloween
Formando sílabas
💟 Material em PDF contendo todas as letras de B a Z. Uma forma lúdica e divertida de aprender a família silábica.
Trabajamos los colores
an image of food in spanish with the title's page below it, which is also
110149843 fichas-tecnicas-taller-de-alimentacion-colectiva
a spreadsheet showing the contents of a food item and its description in spanish
110149843 fichas-tecnicas-taller-de-alimentacion-colectiva