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a person holding a plate with some food on it and crackers in the background
four plastic containers filled with different types of food
a person is holding a plastic bowl with food in it that includes chicken, rice and avocado
a white plate topped with shrimp, asparagus and mashed potatoes
salmon sweet potato patties with ranch dip and broccoli on a wooden plate
Salmon Sweet Potato Patties
These mini salmon sweet potato patties are easy to whip up in one bowl and perfect for baby-led weaning. They’re a great way of incorporating Omega-3’s into your little one’s diet!
an open faced sandwich with eggs and avocado on it next to a laptop
a white plate topped with shrimp, rice and veggies
Camarones borrachos y arroz blanco | By Vasilvana1 | Craving for toxic was some drunken shrimp with rice eh and potassium. So in a pot with boiling water we gonna add a cup of rice and then then since about ten seconds passed. They don't have to leave it long. We're gonna put him out. Look, they have to look like this. Don't beat him then. Now we're going to drain it and this rice is going to be full and good. I use the Jasmine rice. Except it's super easy. Now yes in the pot let's put this a fucking oil. Well, there's so much ice, it depends on how much you like it. And now if we added the oil we will add the rice that is well well well drained that does not have water as well because we will add also this a little bit of onion and garlic chopped pa that gives you more flavor and this does not have that gold both unlike red rice this is not gilded because it is already precooked because nothing else when I doro about thirty seconds and about three pasaditas to medium fire and when you look at it as well we will add a cup of water a a little salt to taste a little Knorr Switzerland and it goes with the vegetable of your preference. I'm going to add chayote and carrot and this one just carries a cup of water. It don't need that much water because I tell you it's already overcooked. And see, it's going to look good on you. I left it for about seven minutes in low heat and it was very good. And now we are going to start preparing the shrimp. Two pounds of shrimps washed and peeled because then they say I don't take the a** off no because y'all are less mass. We added garlic salt, a little chili line. We're also going to add a little bit of this Cayence chili so you can see it well perron. A splash of oil and you know I put alcohol on everything. Fuck it depends how much. So what tastes like then. For nothing but they look good bitches. Now we're going to add a shot of tequila. We're going to give it a good massage like this so that it stirs well to integrate all the ingredients well. And now, since it's well mixed everything in a pan without any oil, we're going to add the shrimp and we're gonna thicken it and start to make all the water come out. And then these shrimp who knows what style will be, well, my style because nothing else there I invented them and see, if you want to remove water, you can remove it, I did remove it, now we will add a little butter to that stay like this Doraditos and remember that the shrimp are sewn in three kicks, it's very fast, I added a little onion cut in squares, red pepper, and green pepper because he likes everything that had vegetables and I don't know what so much. No, there is the Lord. They don't see them, all tasteless, but they are very tasty and fast, without complicating life, so if you want to add a little bit of you can add but the toxic does not cost you much the spicy so I left them like that. And that's it now yes we're going to accompany it with rice eh and you know that here there always has to be tortillas on hand. And I told the toxic not today. What I say to him well you're dizzy. Eat them just like that. So yeah I put the shrimp on it. We added the rice and its potassium next to it and it's done three leaves, then three stones. Ah yes, this video was posted. Give it a like. They were just coming and I won't be uploading anything. Hmm so these what are they believing?
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