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UNDONE's Chinese Hour might be the auspicious charm we need for 2021 | Men's Gear

UNDONE's Chinese Hour uses a Japanese TMI NH35A automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve and is an exclusive run of only 188 pieces.

Hennessey is celebrating the Lunar New Year with its CNY 2021 by Liu Wei Collection | Men's Gear

Just like other distillers, Hennessey is commemorating the Year of the Ox with its CNY 2021 by Liu Wei collection that includes the V.S.O.P and X.O.

The Rasputin Tourbillon Baguette luxury watch by Jacob & Co. holds a sexy secret | Men's Gear

The Rasputin Tourbillon Baguette runs on an in-house JCAM27 hand-wound calibre with a 50-hour power reserve and hides a special feature

The Schoonschip House Is A Sustainable Floating Abode On The Canals of Amsterdam | Men's Gear

The Schoonschip House uses ambient energy and water for use and re-use. It recycles nutrients to minimize waste and thus creating a space for natural biodiversity.

Hop on the all-electric SONDORS Metacycle and cruise in style up to 80 mph | Men's Gear

The 72V 4,000 Whr battery operates the PMAC hub motor to push the Metacycle up to speeds of 80 mph with an 80-mile range before your next charge.

The CRKT SEPTIMO MULTI-TOOL Is 'Born Of Purpose' and Not of Novelty | Men's Gear

The CRKT SEPTIMO multi-tool boasts a desert-proof black oxide finish for corrosion resistance and a tanto blade with Veff Serration for exceptional strap cutting ability.

Ecurie Ecosse is honoring 7 of its Jaguar C-Type race cars with 7 LM-C continuations | Men's Gear

a Jaguar straight-six engine with a fuel injection upgrade will be in each LM-C continuation car alongside other modern add-ons to meet regulations.

Narke encourages us to have eco-friendly fun aboard the Electrojet GT95 | Men's Gear

The hull of the Electrojet GT95 is crafted out of carbon fiber with a large swim platform on its rear just in case you want to dive in for a swim.

The Oakley MSK3 face mask eyewear-friendly and stops it from fogging as well | Men's Gear

As Oakley points out, the MSK3 can keep your eyewear or PPE from fogging. This is possible thanks to a special medical-grade silicone gasket.

We hope the Project Brooklyn gaming chair from Razer goes into production soon | Men's Gear

Aside from the RGB strip on the bucket seat and legs, Razer is turning the Project Brooklyn into an all-in-one entertainment platform.

This Quantum Massage Chair from Bodyfriend packs a Bang & Olufsen audio system | Men's Gear

To match its futuristic profile, The Quantum Massage Chair ships with Bodyfriend’s Naver CLOVA AI Voice Recognition system for voice controls and more.

Samsung is already working on an automated helper called the Bot Handy | Men's Gear

Samsung claims the Bot Handy can pick up laundry, pour beverages, set the table, and more, but the platform still has a long a way to go.

The Sony SRS-RA5000 lets you experience immersive 360 Reality Audio tracks | Men's Gear

It's cool that Sony lets you place the SRS-RA5000 anywhere and let the built-in calibration function take care of the acoustic nuances.

Saddleback's Big Leather Wallet Is Spacious Enough For All Your EDC Items | Men's Gear

Saddleback's Big Leather Wallet uses full-grain leather, pigskin for its RFID-liners, and strong marine-grade polyester thread to keep it sturdy and back its 100-year warranty.

Just relax and let the Big Timber Elite patio heater keep the cold away | Men's Gear

The Big Timber Elite from Wood Pellet Products can generate up to 90,000 BTU of heat across a 450 square feet radius with virtually no smoke.

The Halo Bottle Opener Is Unlike Any Of Its Kind | Men's Gear

The HALO bottle opener features a toroid shape that allows for multidirectional opening and comes in three finishes: stainless steel, PVD Gold, and Black Oxide.