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a man holding an apple and wearing a hat
tied up in lace
a close up of a person wearing a jacket and looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
Фото: Джейсон Шварцман (1980) #728706
a man wearing a suit and tie standing in an elevator
a man in a suit is reading a newspaper
style icon: jason schwartzman
black and white photograph of a man with glasses on his face, sitting at a table
Boys: I Appreciate The Music Man
black and white photograph of a man holding an old camera
Jason Schwartzman Photo: Jason
a young man holding up a fake skull in front of his face with both hands
a man with glasses holding an acoustic guitar
Portraits Of Jason Schwartzman By Matt Hoyle | OEN
a man walking down the sidewalk carrying shopping bags
the man is playing an electric guitar on his chest and holding it in his right hand
a man is looking at the camera while wearing a white shirt
Jason Schwartzman NYC 2010 ©acp all rights reserved http://acpcreativelab.com/portraits/
a man in a suit is posing for the camera
black and white photograph of two men in suits with one man's head above the other
a man wearing a white shirt and tie in front of a wall with a light on it