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Arduino current sensor project

Arduino current sensor project

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Old-School Arduino MIDI Sequencer

Using a standard Arduino single-board computer and a "shield" board, this project creates a MIDI sequencer that can record and play back sequences of MIDI.

MIDI in circuit -> Arduino -> Orgasmatronics Hack Off -> 3v Vibrator ((((through the air)))) EMG-HZ passive bass pickups -> &apos;79 Fender Silverface Champ guitar amplifier -> 10" Weber Speaker Used for music performances with my wife. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

MIDI controllable vibrator creating beautiful tonal interference in instrument pickups

Adding digital readout to a non-CNC mill

UPDATE: There is another version of this controller that uses Launchpad and can read other types of encoders, such as “Standard” Ch.

Hey, one thing I can tell you is that I prefer a bit more the first blynk app, where you did not use an extra tab for the config. I don't know, it's just that the screen feels empty with only the temperature widgets and the slider. This is what I did in my HVAC controller with a Particle: [image] (the tabs on the bottom I used for other projects around the house) My project is described in hackster, here: One thing I ad...

Another contribution to the Blynk IoT: an HVAC control for my apartment with a heating and cooling system. Hot or cold water is circulated through the radiator system, and temperature is controlled entirely by a f…