Cazuela de Mariscos

This a fabulous seafood dish and it is one of our favourites for special dinners. It's both an aphrodisiac and a good hearty thick soup.

Empanadas de Carne

Like many Colombian snacks this can be a main meal or just an appetiser. This is my version of the beef pasties, but different flavour and dips can be

Panelitas de leche

These sweets are very popular from the regions that produce panela, and they carry their name because of their form and color.

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche or Rice Pudding. I used to think this recipe was just Colombian, but is a very popular dessert everywhere you go. The method varies but it's always the family favourite.

Tamales Colombianos

Tamales Colombianos or Banana-Leafed Parcels A must! A tradition I have to continue.

Tamales Colombianos

These banana-leafed parcels are a national favourite in Colombia. They are usually eaten for breakfast or for a main course, and are always delicious


Pandebonos - Colombian cheese bread, I am soooo happy I found this recipe. You have to eat these until you feel downright guilty!