Mario Toledo

Mario Toledo

Padre, Arquitecto , Diseñador, Pensador
Mario Toledo
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German Secret Weapon

Nazi Secret Weapon ( the war ended before it could be used in anger ) The developers were seconded by American armed forces and NASA to assist new technology advances at the end of ✅

Día del Bandoneón | Mundo Tanguero |

El bandoneón - One of the instruments that is used to play the music for Tango (Argentina)

Mechanical Gifs - Imgur

Another Album of Interesting Animated Mechanisms [GIFs]


“ “Sirius Knight” “Arcturus” “Perseus” by Jose C. de Braga (from: Art and Design in Custom Fixed-Blade Knives;

Colorized Old Photos

29 Colorized Historical Photos That Make The Past Seem Not So Far Away I'm not a huge fan when it comes to colorized versions of black and white photos.